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... Why are the birds speaking.

[Ironhide can be found sitting outside of his artichoke pod and casually throwing rocks at one of the aforementioned birds in irritation.

The bird does not shut up.]
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Rodents are supposed to die when you step on them. What is the matter with these creatures!

[There are a series of loud stomps, followed by cursing. In many languages.]

Get away! Disgusting little beasts!
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[Locked to Mikaela - 95% Unhackable]

Hey. Need a favor of you. It means... much to me... and I do not ask lightly.

Need a frog. Gold one.



Have a question for you. At the usual price. Answer quickly, or I shall retract the offer.
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... Been a while since we went below. Some information has been shared. I am willing to tell what I found, for whatever good it does.

[There is a pause, and a shifting of metal. His voice gets a little stronger, a little more annoyed.]

Speaking of that venture... I require... my optics repaired. My medic has asked for crew assistance, and recieved no word. What are you crew doing that you cannot even answer a simple request! Hmn!

If that is not enough to sway you, I have a frog. And a question. You want this frog? Send someone who can answer my question, and fix this damage.
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. . .

[Awkward silence for a few moments.]

Anyone here know how to dispose of a corpse on this ship? Particularly one that is... falling apart...

((ooc: Yes, the fish that so traumatized Mikaela, and had taken up residence in Ironhide's bathtub... has passed on. He's not allowed pets.))
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What... Hmn.

If... one... were keeping... a creature... hypothetically. How... would one... keep it functional?

[Grumbles to himself for a minute - the words aren't distinguishable, but it's obvious he's just... annoyed he has to ask this question, and eager to move on to another topic.]

I was informed that if we have something... broken... in our rooms... we were to report it. I am reporting it.

Someone repair this thing before I trip over it. Again.

[Another pause]

Mikaela. You all right?
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[The audio feed turns on, and for a moment, there's no sound, except for the shifting of metal. It would seem the maker of this transmission is "asleep", for lack of a better word. And then... there is the sound of tiny feet on metal.]


[More metal shifting. A voice muttering something in Cybertronian. And then...]

Hmn? What...

[A pause.]


[A loud thud!, some frantic ribbit-ing, and scraping of metal against the floor.]

((ooc: ... Yeah, C4 just keeps on making friends wherever he goes. Follows this.))


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