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I want a status report! Infected, well, whatever, sound off.

Xanth, Zuko. Tell me you are unharmed.

Some illness will not affect me. I will protect anyone who requires it.

[With or without a response, the big Autobot is going zombie stomping, looking for his kids.]
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Headcount. Who all here remembers the Elegante? Speak up.

[There's a couple reasons for asking. The general headcount, and asking a few important questions that came up when he spoke to Zuko.]

Need to figure some things out.
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... Why are the birds speaking.

[Ironhide can be found sitting outside of his artichoke pod and casually throwing rocks at one of the aforementioned birds in irritation.

The bird does not shut up.]
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[The com crackles. Ironhide shakes it. He hasn't bothered to go find his "living quarters". Not yet. He has a far more important job to attend to.

When the comm finally starts up, the voice on his end is deep, faintly accented, and still very angry.]

Autobots. Come in. Respond! I have lost your signals... answer me!

[When there is no immediate response, he snarls into it, then goes silent for several minutes.]


Where is this place?
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Weapons are back. My cannons remained... Going to test them topside.

Need some work done. On my armor.

[And that's all there is. There is a lot he doesn't say, a lot he hopes is going to be understood by those close to him. That if anyone needs him, they know where to find him. That he needs to do something, even now, when he doesn't think it'll do any good.

And that he needs to see someone in particular. Even if he still can't say it.]
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[When the comm is picked up, Ironhide starts out perfectly calm and composed.  Even so, there is an odd quality to his voice that isn't usually present.]

For the last time...

[And then he promptly bellows into the comms.]


Autobot!  I am Autobot!  Not... What is the meaning of this!  Bumblebee, Ratchet.  Respond.  Are you still... hmnf.  Is anyone else ... different?

((ooc: Thanks for the
humanizing, captain!))
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I want my squad to meet me on the top deck for assessment.  Now.  This is not a request.  If you do not show up, I will remove you from the team.  Simple as that.

You will also report to Hannibal King.  Treat him as my second.  If I hear of disrespect, I will not tolerate it, and you will be disciplined.  

That is all.

[Locked to Autobots: Unhackable.]

Bumblebee, Ratchet.  If you have problems with your... assignments... I want to know.  Not going to let you be taken advantage of.  Either of you.

[And with that, Ironhide will be up on the top deck, waiting for his crew.]

((ooc: Just... tag at your leisure.  There's no official closing for this post.  Ironhide just wants to test what his team can do in a fight.  Yes, he is taking this all as SRS BZNS.  Because this is what he does.  War things.  Drill instructor things.  Everyone can assume they're meeting at separate times, or tag each other, whichever.  Just have fun!))
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[There's a brief shot of Ironhide's face.  He looks, as per usual, disgruntled, while he toys with the comm.  Behind him are flashes of piles of objects, ranging from cardboard boxes of what looks like leather, to a neat row of plants in empty bottles.]


Need a favor.  Someone.

[That's all he says before the feed clicks off.]
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Are we taking down the female, or what? I grow tired of waiting around for a plan.

Who went to that Nirvana place?

If I do not hear a response, I am going to go and sit on the female.

[TRUE TO HIS WORD, Ironhide has started to roam the halls, looking for trouble in the form of a screaming little girl. [livejournal.com profile] medicalofficer is welcome to be there with him, and anyone else can run into him. But his primary target is JennJenn.]
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[Well! Here's a voice that hasn't been heard in some time. You all have Jak to thank for this. And no, he doesn't sound frantic, don't you dare suggest it, you're imagining things.]

Ratchet! Respond! Where--Has anyone seen him!


What has happened?

[Locked to Jazz, and King: 85% Unhackable]

No good with apologies. But I... I am sorry.
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What is this.

If I see one more "I told you so", or "You are all fools", I will break the one responsible! This is no time for that! You can gloat to your sparks' content after we are out of danger! Hmnf!

There was mention of mirrors. Keep away from them.

And if you are unable to defend yourself, you will go and locate someone who can. They are your new friend until this is over. Bunker down. Ride it out. And save your insults.

Probably have better ones by then, anyway.

Autobots. There are four of us. Work in pairs or alone, but know what our duty is. Mikaela, if you need me, call.
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[An accidental transmission, this time. Silence at first. Is it recording from the site of the downed ceiling?

... Judging from the sudden gasp of air through intake cycles, no, it's not. There's no slow wakening when you're an Autobot. Everything comes back online at once. And you lie there, staring at the ceiling, trying to get your bearings.]

Where...? Oh.

[Metal creaks, and he groans, deciding against moving for the moment.]

What happened?

((ooc: So. What do you lose when you're a giant robot who wears no clothing? Or carries possessions? Either way, he's back in his room. Bracing himself for scolding.))
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Stupid to ask if anyone is hearing things. I want to know instead what we intend to do about it.

... Anyone remember those... tanks? Belowdecks?

[He doesn't say anything more on that subject, figuring if anyone saw them, they'll know what he's talking about. Plus, this... brings back severely unhappy memories of that venture down below.]
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... Ow! Rocks...?

[Silence - except for the familiar creaking and groaning of metal as Ironhide looks around. When he speaks, the gravely, aged voice is back. He does sound more... groggy... than usual. "Hungover", would be a better word.]

What... just happened...? Why... am I in... the bar?

[And as it all dawns on him. Crap, crap, crap.]

... I can explain everything. To all of you. Ratchet--I did... not mean to leave...
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[There's static for a few moments, before the comm actually picks up the very subdued voice.]

Ratchet... I... need you. Please.


[All of the above fall under things he would never... ever... say over open comm lines like this. Thank you very much, Captain. There's a pause, but anyone with decent hearing can hear him muttering to something--or someone.]

It will be fine... going to be okay... quiet now.  I have you... Going to be fine... not going to hurt much longer... hush.

[Aren't auditory hallucinations fun? He has not left the hall the elevator dumped him into. And he likely won't on his own--thanks to being blind from Infected Passenger Spit, badly damaged, and with absolutely no sense of direction, the old boy's stuck on Deck 12.]
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... I want to speak to the one called "Jak". In person.

Where is he?


Doc, Blurr. Need to tell you something too. When you have a minute.
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... so this is what we recieve from our captors, hmn? A reminder of all we have been taken from?

Hmpf. Foolish. Should just leave us be.

[Ironhide is still in the bar, for all interested parties, where it's warm and he's left relatively alone. Or so he believes. He's currently hunched up in a corner, being a brooding black lump. One of the picture-type gifts from the tree is in his hand, and if anyone approaches they may get a brief look at what it is.]
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I have been informed by... someone that a Decepticon by the name of Frenzy was on this vessel.

And it has been... some time since my arrival.  I have yet to so much as glimpse it.  I have good reason to believe he was never here at all.  Was he?

I suspect that this... someone... has been lying to me.

And I seem to be in possession of some... yellow thing.  Why?  Bumblebee, it is colored like you.  Want it?

[Yes, Shockwave, Ironhide is taunting you.  Anyone, however, is welcome to inform him that he's wrong.]

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[Anyone still of the proper age and memory will notice something is... different... with Ironhide's voice.  He sounds... not nearly as rough and ragged as usual.  His vocals sound almost... new.  Or closer to it.]


What is this?  Don't remember being here before...  What happened to the battalion?  The Commander...?  Any of you out there?

[ooc: Ahahah scaled back in age to pre-war times 8D Have fun.]


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