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46th Transmission - Audio

I want my squad to meet me on the top deck for assessment.  Now.  This is not a request.  If you do not show up, I will remove you from the team.  Simple as that.

You will also report to Hannibal King.  Treat him as my second.  If I hear of disrespect, I will not tolerate it, and you will be disciplined.  

That is all.

[Locked to Autobots: Unhackable.]

Bumblebee, Ratchet.  If you have problems with your... assignments... I want to know.  Not going to let you be taken advantage of.  Either of you.

[And with that, Ironhide will be up on the top deck, waiting for his crew.]

((ooc: Just... tag at your leisure.  There's no official closing for this post.  Ironhide just wants to test what his team can do in a fight.  Yes, he is taking this all as SRS BZNS.  Because this is what he does.  War things.  Drill instructor things.  Everyone can assume they're meeting at separate times, or tag each other, whichever.  Just have fun!))

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[He's feeling particularly trollish today. SORRY IRONHIDE.]

My captain hits me.
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Well I didn't say it hurt.

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I've met my captain and one of my teammates. I doubt I'll have any trouble, so you don't have to worry about me.


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[He's still none too pleased to be bossed around, but he's shown up. He assumes assessment means he'll be demonstrating his firebending, and that doesn't sound too bad.

So he's on the top deck, waiting to be spoken to.]


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My name is Zuko. I'm here for the alpha squad meeting.

You're Ironhide?

[Well, on the bright side, at least Zuko thinks Ironhide looks like a respectable leader. And judging by his size, a formidable fighter.]


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[He hesistates. He doesn't want to seem weak. He returns Ironhide's stare as he answers.]


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[King will show up, dressed in a long-sleeved black shirt rolled up to his elbows, and jeans.

He finds Ironhide and stands closer to him than anyone, though he'll wave with a grin to anyone who shows up!]

[commentlog] King is not your squishy human pet Ironhide /amused

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[King reaches up to bump his own knuckles against the ones on his head, a sort of brofist.]

Godric wasn't kidding about that Zuko kid being impulsive.

[Yes, he heard the thread; no, he hasn't talked to him in person yet.]

Surprised Zeke's giving you a hard time, too.

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It's important to him, it sounds like. He might be easier to work with if you take that into account. [IE don't dismiss it out of hand in front of him or knock it.] His abilities sound pretty useful, though, and he sounds like he's at least willing to take orders.

[As for Zeke.]

He probably does wanna help, he just wanted to go about it in his own way. Godric assigned the teams, but he let them choose how to organize. Some sound more relaxed.

I think training's a good idea, though.

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[ Eventually, Anna manages to make it to the spot she had heard Ironhide specify over the comm. Shes moving slowly, and what parts of her arms that are visible are covered in bandages. The rest of her has been carefully covered in jeans and a black turtleneck.

After her encounter with whom she had now termed a fellow Misfit, she had made her way to the infirmary and snagged a few basic burn treatment items before going up to the deck. Shes moving slowly, carefully, and is in obvious pain.]

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[Anna visibly flinches.]

I am...sorry I am late. I had issue with a...passenger, I believe. He...uses fire.

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[She is already nervous around him, so for her to be late and then that look he has...

Well, she would shift and run if she wasn't on his team.

He is...taller than me, brown hair. He...seemed afraid at first, but then he threw a ball of fire at me.

[And all hell broke loose.]