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13th Transmission -- action -- [Backdated to the Event Start]

[Ironhide took one look at the little metal cuff dangling off of one big hand, and... promptly chewed on it. Hey, it was metal. He eats metal. More or less.]

[When that failed, he snarled at it, as if trying to intimidate it into submission. Again. A failure.]

[So, with nothing accomplished, the big Autobot stomped out to the tree he and Xanth rigged up as a punching bag. And that is where he can be found -- beating the tar out of the quintain.]

((ooc: Aara is flagged to be handcuffed. Anyone else is free to bother.))

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[Aara had reason to believe she shouldn't like the metal cuff hanging from around her wrist. It wouldn't come off, and it wasn't supposed to be there. That fact alone had her nervous.]

[Making her way outdoors, Aara began to wonder what would happen to her if she took angha form with the metal still wrapped around her wrist. That is--unfortunately--where she stumbled upon Ironhide beating the living tar out of a quintain. Brows rising, she edged closer, not realizing she might be sealing their fate.]

You are not upset with the tree, surely.

[Then Aara spotted the metal mixed among all his metal, and gasped, pointing with the hand that had its own metal cuff around it.]

You wear one, too!

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[Aara stares at Ironhide's movements a while longer before gazing down at the metal around her wrist and pulling at it.]

I wonder why we have them, then.

[She tugs at the metal a little more, but her attention is captured once again by the large robot's movements. She steps closer, curiosity getting the better of her.]

What is it you are doing?

[There must be a purpose for all the energy he's putting out, surely.]

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[Well, Aara couldn't expect Ironhide to know when she herself didn't now could she? She remained silent, watching him, when his question moved her into taking a step closer. She rocked on her feet a little, uncertainly, then blurted her question before she lost nerve.]

Can you teach me?

[She held her breath, waiting and watching. She didn't expect him to say yes, but... her hope was greater than she thought it would be.]

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Yes, me. I would like to learn. Am I not just as able--

[Then their handcuffs clicked together, and Aara stares, frozen. She didn't think that was a good sign...]

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[Aara stared for a moment longer, deeply wishing her eyes were deceiving her. When Ironhide pulls his large arm back with his intention clear in every line of his metal frame, she tenses, holding her breath and closing her eyes as she awaits the fatal blow. Shock causes her to gasp a moment later when it's the tree that shudders from his massive attack, and her eyes open to stare incredulously at the autobot before her.

[It's a moment before she's able to find her voice. There is soft inflection in her tone.]

You did not harm me.

You did not harm me, and yet you could have.

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[Flinching, Aara stands her ground. She is a little worried about how worked up he seemed, though.]

What is a Decepticon?

[Maybe if she kept the conversation simple, he would calm down?]