heavyweaponsbot: (I will give you to the count of three.)
Ironhide ([personal profile] heavyweaponsbot) wrote2012-02-01 08:30 pm

16th Transmission - Video

[The video feed opens on Ironhide, looming large... and standing fully upright, in the keep's courtyard.]

[There appears to be a small tree, ripped from the woods themselves, and planted in the ground -- or propped up, it's hard to tell which. Either way, the old Autobot is watching it with an even stare.]

[And without warning, he kicks the tree, savagely, the motion accompanied by a rev of a massive engine. The tree shatters in an explosion of splinters and wood chips.]

[He draws himself up, and snorts.]

Yeah. Hip works all right. This will do.

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