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[Ironhide took one look at the little metal cuff dangling off of one big hand, and... promptly chewed on it. Hey, it was metal. He eats metal. More or less.]

[When that failed, he snarled at it, as if trying to intimidate it into submission. Again. A failure.]

[So, with nothing accomplished, the big Autobot stomped out to the tree he and Xanth rigged up as a punching bag. And that is where he can be found -- beating the tar out of the quintain.]

((ooc: Aara is flagged to be handcuffed. Anyone else is free to bother.))
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[The voice that suddenly booms over the journals should be familiar to some.  And, if not, it's certainly loud and attention-getting.  Someone is clearly unhappy.]

This... is a lie. It must be. It cannot be possible -- not again!

[A pause.  There's some mechanical shifting while the party in question tries to remain calm.  There is also a sound like... water dripping?]

Who is listening? Can anyone hear me! This is Ironhide -- stuck in some... room somewhere. With a talking book. And no frog. I had a frog on me a moment ago.

[Another pause -- and he's right back to being borderline frantic.]

... Ratchet! Do you read this? Answer me! ... Answer me. You must be here.
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[Sand in his joints, a gaping hole in his chest, no medic, no other Autobots, no way home... a tiny rodent following him around everywhere...

And now.



I hate this place.

[The big Autobot is standing in front of his pod, kicking his feet, and trying to shake the snow out of gaps in his armor, shuddering all the while.]
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[By now, Ironhide's probably made his way from Hande out to Sabatier. The dust does not agree with him, but he'll save that rant for another time.]


Anyone else find it odd there are suddenly towns where there once was fog? Where there were creatures capable of easily slaughtering humans?

Standing in a town right now. Still populated. No sign of defenses or damage. Yet... they were in the fog.

[He grunts, which turns into more of a cough as his intake vents clear themselves of dust.]

Does not add up.
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How long have these been here?

[For reference, Ironhide is standing in front of one of the newly arrived statues, scowling up at it. There's a ping as metal impacts stone -- someone just gave one of the things a cursory flick.]

I am less than impressed.

[He's about to say something else, but then there's a sharp crack. Ironhide makes a startled sound, which only gets worse as the loud crunch of a toppling statue fills the comm.]


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[The com crackles. Ironhide shakes it. He hasn't bothered to go find his "living quarters". Not yet. He has a far more important job to attend to.

When the comm finally starts up, the voice on his end is deep, faintly accented, and still very angry.]

Autobots. Come in. Respond! I have lost your signals... answer me!

[When there is no immediate response, he snarls into it, then goes silent for several minutes.]


Where is this place?
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... What have you all done to get yourselves handcuffed?  Have I missed some large-scale brawl?  Why was I not informed?

Need to tell me these things.  Getting rusty just punching the bees.

((ooc: Ironhide is unable to lie 8D Enjoy!))
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Stupid to ask if anyone is hearing things. I want to know instead what we intend to do about it.

... Anyone remember those... tanks? Belowdecks?

[He doesn't say anything more on that subject, figuring if anyone saw them, they'll know what he's talking about. Plus, this... brings back severely unhappy memories of that venture down below.]
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I have been informed by... someone that a Decepticon by the name of Frenzy was on this vessel.

And it has been... some time since my arrival.  I have yet to so much as glimpse it.  I have good reason to believe he was never here at all.  Was he?

I suspect that this... someone... has been lying to me.

And I seem to be in possession of some... yellow thing.  Why?  Bumblebee, it is colored like you.  Want it?

[Yes, Shockwave, Ironhide is taunting you.  Anyone, however, is welcome to inform him that he's wrong.]

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[Yes, it's Shockwave's voice, but it's doubtful anyone has ever heard him... shout like that... before.  He's more composed than this, right?]

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[Anyone still of the proper age and memory will notice something is... different... with Ironhide's voice.  He sounds... not nearly as rough and ragged as usual.  His vocals sound almost... new.  Or closer to it.]


What is this?  Don't remember being here before...  What happened to the battalion?  The Commander...?  Any of you out there?

[ooc: Ahahah scaled back in age to pre-war times 8D Have fun.]


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