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That is it! I am finished with this nonsense! With this place!

[The snarl of rage all but shakes the journal. Ironhide's voice is sharp, harsh with anger and bitter pain. His words are crisp, but undercut by a warning growl. Finding his charges missing only a day after their arrival has pushed the old warrior to the edge. The lack of a familiar, stabilizing presence only shoved him further over it.]

[He no longer cares for their punishments. He has a mission now.]

You--! All of you under this lord's command! Tell me where you have taken them! Where do you hide the missing!

[Stone -- probably some random bit of rock he found to illustrate his point -- crunches.]

You will tell me... Or I will tear this place apart! [Another warning crunch of stone.] You have one hour.

[And with that, he ends the recording. He can be found waiting near the stables. And once the hour winds down, if he hears nothing, he will literally begin attempting to rip the very stones of the keep apart.]
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[Oh hey Keep. It's Ironhide again. And boy does he sound unhappy.]

Tell me, lord.

[There is so much derision in that word, it should be a curse, not a title.]

Where are those who go missing? Do you send them home, to their "vanished worlds"? Or are you keeping them locked up!

[Something big and heavy impacts a wall.]

Answer me!

[... Finding Lea missing isn't sitting well with the big old bot.]
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[The voice that suddenly booms over the journals should be familiar to some.  And, if not, it's certainly loud and attention-getting.  Someone is clearly unhappy.]

This... is a lie. It must be. It cannot be possible -- not again!

[A pause.  There's some mechanical shifting while the party in question tries to remain calm.  There is also a sound like... water dripping?]

Who is listening? Can anyone hear me! This is Ironhide -- stuck in some... room somewhere. With a talking book. And no frog. I had a frog on me a moment ago.

[Another pause -- and he's right back to being borderline frantic.]

... Ratchet! Do you read this? Answer me! ... Answer me. You must be here.
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--guilty as charged! One of them. You came from them, you were one of them once. You know you were. Why not just let it all out? You were a Decepticon once--

[A loud thwack interrupts - metal impacting metal. Someone dislikes what he's hearing. Nevertheless, the voice continues speaking, albeit cut off by the Autobot's snarling.]

--hat's why you can't keep them safe. You worry you can't. You're right. Optimus. Jazz. The little one. Can't keep the female safe either. She blames you, they all do--

[This time, it's cut off by an engine revving.]

--what about him, you say? Is that why it's supposed to be secret? It's not. Everyone already knows. You can't hide it. He's disappointed in you. You're going to fail him like you did everyon--

[Ironhide doesn't bother answering the voice verbally. Not at that. All there is, is a roar and the sound of a heavy fist impacting a wall. Or a bee.]

--you can't even say it. Can't even say you love hi--

[And the transmission is forcibly ended.]
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[Ironhide was going to speak up, to say something - check on Mikaela, bother his team, something.  But when he flips through the network, and notices another missing ID...

There's just an angry snarl before the comm goes dead.

Then he's off, storming around the ship.  He doesn't deal with loss all that well - he doesn't deal with feelings all that well.  He ends up on the Bee Deck, as usual, and just starts punching the nearest buzzing creature he can find.

Should anyone come across him, he'll still be there, whacking insects and growling to himself in Cybertronian.]
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[The video opens on Ratchet.  Who looks exceedingly peeved.  Moreso than those familiar with him may have ever seen him.  In fact, he looks as if he'd very much like to rip his communicator in half.]

Whoever is in possession of my medic will inform me of his whereabouts.  Immediately!  Or I shall tear you apart!

Where has the captain put him!  Answer me!

[... well.  That's certainly not something Ratchet would ever say.]
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[Careful observers of transmissions may have noticed an absence of a big, black presence. Especially where one Mikaela Banes was concerned. In fact, he hasn't made a peep since he and Ratchet went to investigate the restaurants.

He is, however, making amends for it now. Crashing his way down the decks and hallways, attacking nearly anything that moves, leaving a wake of destruction in his path... With a large smear of neon paint on one fist...

Said careful observers may also notice the bit of jewel--hard to distinguish amidst the scars and bits of metal he's made of--set into the semi-circular piece on his helm.

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I wish to know what occurred on the upper decks. Between a certain turtle and an unknown person.

And I wish to know now. This is not a request. Speak up! Be quick about it!
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[The following transmission has been backdated to the end of the hour after this occurred. Ironhide was "assaulted" by dancing macaroni in his personal space.]

Little scraplets! Be quiet I say!

[There's the sound of heavy metal feet impacting the floor, and the muted crunch of dried pasta. Eventually, as the hour winds down, the singing dies away, and Ironhide stops destroying his room killing macaroni.]


Hah! I have done it!

Now who is in control, Captain? Hmn! Your little tricks are worthless! I have defeated them.

[No, no he hasn't, the time just ran out. But he just sounds so proud of himself...]

I win.
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[The communicators practically vibrate with the shout.]



Decepticons...! Who was it!

((ooc: Someone heard Mikaela was killed. He is not happy.))
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[Yes, it's Shockwave's voice, but it's doubtful anyone has ever heard him... shout like that... before.  He's more composed than this, right?]


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