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... Anyone else suddenly get a bad feeling?

As if something horrible has happened, and you have no power to set it right again?

[He has no idea where this feeling is coming from, or why it's there, but ignoring it isn't exactly helping anything.]

[It just makes him feel more and more restless.]

Need to go hit something. Badly.
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[Sand in his joints, a gaping hole in his chest, no medic, no other Autobots, no way home... a tiny rodent following him around everywhere...

And now.



I hate this place.

[The big Autobot is standing in front of his pod, kicking his feet, and trying to shake the snow out of gaps in his armor, shuddering all the while.]
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... Need a pair of hands. And cleaning equipment.

Got... organic bits stuck in my foot.

[He's just going to be pretending not to see all that carnage on his way back. Because repression is so very healthy.]
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--guilty as charged! One of them. You came from them, you were one of them once. You know you were. Why not just let it all out? You were a Decepticon once--

[A loud thwack interrupts - metal impacting metal. Someone dislikes what he's hearing. Nevertheless, the voice continues speaking, albeit cut off by the Autobot's snarling.]

--hat's why you can't keep them safe. You worry you can't. You're right. Optimus. Jazz. The little one. Can't keep the female safe either. She blames you, they all do--

[This time, it's cut off by an engine revving.]

--what about him, you say? Is that why it's supposed to be secret? It's not. Everyone already knows. You can't hide it. He's disappointed in you. You're going to fail him like you did everyon--

[Ironhide doesn't bother answering the voice verbally. Not at that. All there is, is a roar and the sound of a heavy fist impacting a wall. Or a bee.]

--you can't even say it. Can't even say you love hi--

[And the transmission is forcibly ended.]
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[When the comm is picked up, Ironhide starts out perfectly calm and composed.  Even so, there is an odd quality to his voice that isn't usually present.]

For the last time...

[And then he promptly bellows into the comms.]


Autobot!  I am Autobot!  Not... What is the meaning of this!  Bumblebee, Ratchet.  Respond.  Are you still... hmnf.  Is anyone else ... different?

((ooc: Thanks for the
humanizing, captain!))
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[Ironhide has never sounded this awkward or embarrassed in his entire time aboard the ship. He doesn't even seem able to quite get coherent words out of himself.]

I... I need... to find books. Certain... books. Of... questionable content. I... do not ask this lightly, I...

Need books about... human... mating. Do not ask.

Hate my life.

((ooc: Ironhide chucked Ratchet's books out the window. See? His wife is not happy.))


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