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I want a status report! Infected, well, whatever, sound off.

Xanth, Zuko. Tell me you are unharmed.

Some illness will not affect me. I will protect anyone who requires it.

[With or without a response, the big Autobot is going zombie stomping, looking for his kids.]
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[If it's possible for a five-ton Autobot to sound tired, Ironhide does.  Not nearly as much as he would, if he'd been organic, but still.  And then, finding the ship in complete disarray?  Not so good on the nerves.]

We... have returned.  All those who lived. 

[A pause, and he cycles air through his intakes.]

The one we went in for, the female, has been secured.  I want a status report from... anyone who can give it.  On the ship, on... yourselves.

[And anyone he cares about -- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.]
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[There's a brief shot of Ironhide's face.  He looks, as per usual, disgruntled, while he toys with the comm.  Behind him are flashes of piles of objects, ranging from cardboard boxes of what looks like leather, to a neat row of plants in empty bottles.]


Need a favor.  Someone.

[That's all he says before the feed clicks off.]
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[Locked to Mikaela - 95% Unhackable]

Hey. Need a favor of you. It means... much to me... and I do not ask lightly.

Need a frog. Gold one.



Have a question for you. At the usual price. Answer quickly, or I shall retract the offer.
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[Well! Here's a voice that hasn't been heard in some time. You all have Jak to thank for this. And no, he doesn't sound frantic, don't you dare suggest it, you're imagining things.]

Ratchet! Respond! Where--Has anyone seen him!


What has happened?

[Locked to Jazz, and King: 85% Unhackable]

No good with apologies. But I... I am sorry.
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What is this.

If I see one more "I told you so", or "You are all fools", I will break the one responsible! This is no time for that! You can gloat to your sparks' content after we are out of danger! Hmnf!

There was mention of mirrors. Keep away from them.

And if you are unable to defend yourself, you will go and locate someone who can. They are your new friend until this is over. Bunker down. Ride it out. And save your insults.

Probably have better ones by then, anyway.

Autobots. There are four of us. Work in pairs or alone, but know what our duty is. Mikaela, if you need me, call.
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... Ow! Rocks...?

[Silence - except for the familiar creaking and groaning of metal as Ironhide looks around. When he speaks, the gravely, aged voice is back. He does sound more... groggy... than usual. "Hungover", would be a better word.]

What... just happened...? Why... am I in... the bar?

[And as it all dawns on him. Crap, crap, crap.]

... I can explain everything. To all of you. Ratchet--I did... not mean to leave...
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[The sound of fireworks exploding can be heard in the background, along with the usual accompaniment of shifting metal. And the occasional, short laugh. Ironhide sounds amused when he speaks, in contrary to what he's saying.]

They really think these are fireworks? Give me my cannons back... I will show them fireworks.

[He pauses, chuckling to himelf.]

Guess it could be worse...

[He's up on the upper deck, like everyone else, occupying a secluded section of the rail, and leaning heavily against a nearby wall, should anyone desire to pester him.]
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What... Hmn.

If... one... were keeping... a creature... hypothetically. How... would one... keep it functional?

[Grumbles to himself for a minute - the words aren't distinguishable, but it's obvious he's just... annoyed he has to ask this question, and eager to move on to another topic.]

I was informed that if we have something... broken... in our rooms... we were to report it. I am reporting it.

Someone repair this thing before I trip over it. Again.

[Another pause]

Mikaela. You all right?


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