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That is it! I am finished with this nonsense! With this place!

[The snarl of rage all but shakes the journal. Ironhide's voice is sharp, harsh with anger and bitter pain. His words are crisp, but undercut by a warning growl. Finding his charges missing only a day after their arrival has pushed the old warrior to the edge. The lack of a familiar, stabilizing presence only shoved him further over it.]

[He no longer cares for their punishments. He has a mission now.]

You--! All of you under this lord's command! Tell me where you have taken them! Where do you hide the missing!

[Stone -- probably some random bit of rock he found to illustrate his point -- crunches.]

You will tell me... Or I will tear this place apart! [Another warning crunch of stone.] You have one hour.

[And with that, he ends the recording. He can be found waiting near the stables. And once the hour winds down, if he hears nothing, he will literally begin attempting to rip the very stones of the keep apart.]
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Melee tournament, huh?

[He sounds so unimpressed... but...]

Then I will be entering this tournament.

[His voice has a tone of 'whether you like it or not', despite the fact he doesn't come out and say it.]
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[Oh yes, by now he knew exactly how to get the pumpkins to stop talking. It would have been smart of him to do so. He would probably have been saving himself a lot of trouble by doing it.]

[But he hasn't.]

[The pumpkins are still whispering and whining. He'd smashed several of them -- Decepticon faces all, and that had felt good. By now... he's tracked on to one in particular. Only centuries of long association have allowed him to tune the words out, listening to the voice. If he shutters his optics, he can pretend he's being lectured, or being made to listen to some science babble or other.]

[His head is bowed, and one of his hands is resting lightly on the pumpkin in question.]

[He can't bring himself to break this one -- not when it has the voice he's been missing for months now. He'd never expected separation to be this difficult.]

[Ironhide can be found solemnly regarding the Ratchet-pumpkin in the early morning hours of the Keep.]
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Going into that forest. Not about to sit here wondering, asking useless questions.

Come if you want. But I am moving out now.

[True to his word, after recording that message, Ironhide preps to leave the keep, heading for the forest.]
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[Locked to Donatello // Unhackable]

You have your supplies ready yet?

Suddenly, I sense we may have an arms race in the works. And I mistrust our opponent.

[Despite the lock, the post is viewable to Leo and Ratchet because he knows you worry.]

[End Lock]

Anyone in the mood for an expedition?
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[Ironhide was going to speak up, to say something - check on Mikaela, bother his team, something.  But when he flips through the network, and notices another missing ID...

There's just an angry snarl before the comm goes dead.

Then he's off, storming around the ship.  He doesn't deal with loss all that well - he doesn't deal with feelings all that well.  He ends up on the Bee Deck, as usual, and just starts punching the nearest buzzing creature he can find.

Should anyone come across him, he'll still be there, whacking insects and growling to himself in Cybertronian.]
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[Anyone wandering the top deck may, in fact, come across a big, black robot, standing at rigid attention.  His optics are fixed on the place in which he spotted the red bird, the last time he was up here.  It isn't there any longer, of course, he's simply watching the spot - as if he can make it reappear by sheer force of stubborn willpower alone.

Although, he's not quite certain why.  He didn't mean to come up here.  The voices are gone, and yet he still can't get them out of his head - whispering his guilt.  And there's only one incident he can think of.  Only one a disembodied voice on this boat could know about.

The little Autobot.

His failure to save her.  Her death in his arms.

He never did find out if it was possible to enter her into the system.  And with the first mate gone now...  The weapons master rolls his shoulders, as if to physically shrug off the thought, and returns to his vigil, apparently unmoved.]
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[Considering how angry he made the medic earlier, he feels it's only right to find some way to apologize. They're supposed to be making something work, he's supposed to be trying his best not to damage whatever it is they have. And he really hasn't been.

So, he concocts a plan. It's probably not a very good one, given his track record. But hey, he's trying.

The moment he's free of fish, and other obligations, he pokes his head into the mess that is Ratchet's room.]

Come on. We have somewhere to be.
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I find it difficult to maintain an ordered squad when those involved get themselves tossed in the brig.  Hmnf!  If you hear this, Zuko, you will answer to me when your punishment ends.  Or King.  Pray that he is more forgiving than I am.

[He mutters something that sounds like "damn kids".  Maybe.  Or maybe you're hearing things.]

The rest of you will report in.  Want to talk to you.


If you wish it to be in person, you can find me with the bees.  I have business with them.

[Meaning, he's itchy to hit something, and the bees are the best target.]


[Locked to Ratchet // Unhackable]
If you see this, got a female who wants to... do me a favor.  Need your advice.
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[When the comm clicks on tonight, there's a long silence, while the speaker debates whether or not he really wants to do this.]


Hey.  Ratchet.  You... got a minute?

Top deck.

[And without further ado, Ironhide will be waiting on the top deck.  Watching that crazy old sky up there.]
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Unless there is anyone with a useful proposal for my time, I will be occupied on deck six.

[Punching bees: what giant robots do in their downtime, kids. Of course, he won't come right out and say this.]

I grow tired of individuals who are too incompetent to work a simple communications device.

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Are we taking down the female, or what? I grow tired of waiting around for a plan.

Who went to that Nirvana place?

If I do not hear a response, I am going to go and sit on the female.

[TRUE TO HIS WORD, Ironhide has started to roam the halls, looking for trouble in the form of a screaming little girl. [livejournal.com profile] medicalofficer is welcome to be there with him, and anyone else can run into him. But his primary target is JennJenn.]
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[There are dragging, scraping sounds as the comm clicks on, and they continue throughout the transmission.]

I require...

[A long pause, as if the next part is physically painful to say.]

... a mechanic. And a drink.

[The comm clicks off there, as the speaker continues hauling his broken old aft toward his quarters.]
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[Testing out the alcohol tolerance of this new body was likely not the best idea he'd ever had. Especially after that little... talk with Shockwave. Probably was best not to antagonize the Decepticons but... one of them had been such an easy mark. And Shockwave was... he had it coming. One punch from Blurr was, in Ironhide's opinion, getting off too easily.

He was sitting at one of the tables--in the bar the nervous human had mentioned, his bare feet propped up on it, and leaning back in his chair. An empty bottle was on the table beside them, and another in his hand. Clearly, he had decided not to wait for Ratchet before starting in.

Still disdaining the use of shirts, he wore only the pants Mikaela had found. A plethora of battle scars decorated his exposed skin, available for all to see. He didn't seem to care, just watched the humans wandering around, looking for a by-now-familiar face.]

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