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So. It is time for the tournament?

[Ironhide chuckles.]

You may as well all retire now. I will be winning this one, I think.
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[The video feed opens on Ironhide, looming large... and standing fully upright, in the keep's courtyard.]

[There appears to be a small tree, ripped from the woods themselves, and planted in the ground -- or propped up, it's hard to tell which. Either way, the old Autobot is watching it with an even stare.]

[And without warning, he kicks the tree, savagely, the motion accompanied by a rev of a massive engine. The tree shatters in an explosion of splinters and wood chips.]

[He draws himself up, and snorts.]

Yeah. Hip works all right. This will do.
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[The video is accidental. What one can see, at first, is the tiny golden arm of a frog. Specifically, C4. The frog peers into the camera for a second before becoming bored and hopping off.

This leaves the screen clear to show off the rest of the room. Amidst the piles and piles of random objects, including but not limited to, a lampshade, books, a small blackboard, golf clubs, little bottles with plants inside, toy boats, a shovel, stuffed whale, soil samples neatly labeled, stuffed dog... and so on and so forth. All of it is very organized.

And, of course, sprawled out in the center of the room is a pile of black metal... and a pile of neon metal, stretched out on top. Ironhide has an arm draped over his companion, whose head is resting comfortably on his chest. Neither of them appear to be awake.

The feed cuts out... but the comm is still very much on.]
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[The following transmission has been backdated to the end of the hour after this occurred. Ironhide was "assaulted" by dancing macaroni in his personal space.]

Little scraplets! Be quiet I say!

[There's the sound of heavy metal feet impacting the floor, and the muted crunch of dried pasta. Eventually, as the hour winds down, the singing dies away, and Ironhide stops destroying his room killing macaroni.]


Hah! I have done it!

Now who is in control, Captain? Hmn! Your little tricks are worthless! I have defeated them.

[No, no he hasn't, the time just ran out. But he just sounds so proud of himself...]

I win.
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I have been informed by... someone that a Decepticon by the name of Frenzy was on this vessel.

And it has been... some time since my arrival.  I have yet to so much as glimpse it.  I have good reason to believe he was never here at all.  Was he?

I suspect that this... someone... has been lying to me.

And I seem to be in possession of some... yellow thing.  Why?  Bumblebee, it is colored like you.  Want it?

[Yes, Shockwave, Ironhide is taunting you.  Anyone, however, is welcome to inform him that he's wrong.]


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