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"I've maintained this multiple missile launcher in excellent working condition, don't you think? And this cannon--it's a personal favorite of mine. Then... there is the two-thousand-round-per-second minigun.

I invite you to listen to its music."

It is said that Ironhide is one of the oldest known Autobots--and he looks it, with his body still carrying many scars, broken pieces, and countless repairs. He is a veteran of countless battles, both on Cybertron, and on Earth. He was a ranked officer, and well-known for his ability on the field. When Megatron rose to power, he was among the dissenters to join Optimus, refusing to take innocent lives in battle, and has been with the Autobot leader ever since. Apparently, he became indespensible to the point where Optimus included him in the team seeking out the All-Spark, the team which landed on Earth.

Once there, he joined in the search which eventually culminated in the battle of Mission City, and the apparent death of Megatron when Sam Witwicky shoved the All-Spark into Megatron's own spark. Ironhide was among the cleanup crew following the battle, partnering with Captain Lennox's team in taking down the rogue machines created by the All-Spark's energies. He later aided in transporting the Decepticon remains to their final resting place, taking part in small skirmishes with them along the way.

He, along with several other Autobots, joined forces with the human military, forming the group known as NEST, in order to hunt down both the remaining Decepticon forces, and any that might arrive later on. For two years, they fought battle after battle, collecting more Autobot refugees, and coming out with more victories than they did losses. Every part of the globe was under scrutiny, from the African desert, to the Andes. Until a routine mission in Shanghai came coupled with a strange warning about "the Fallen". From there, everything fell apart--the human government's relationship with the Autobots disentigrated into suspicion, Megatron was revived, and, worst of all, it seemed, Optimus was killed.

Following the apparent disbanding of the NEST forces, Ironhide took part in the battle in Egypt, fending off the oncoming Decepticon horde until Sam could reach Optimus--presumably with a way to restore Ironhide's leader and old friend back to life. Ironhide survived the battle, as he had many others before, but instead of going back to work... wound up in a strange new place calling itself a "Nexus".
Ironhide's strength is very obviously in that of his weapons--the two main cannons on and in each arm. Incendiary cannon to the right, and plasma to the left. He also carries a backup of missiles along with the incendiary cannon. At one point, it was said that he had a hand in destroying a small planet with the strength of his weaponry. His name does not lie, his armor is thick, and tough, it had to be, for him to have survived for as long as he has. He's rather agile for his size and age, although not a fast mover. Both he and his alt-mode are heavy-duty brawlers, not quick scouts.
Tough-as-nails and no-nonsense, Ironhide is a warrior to the core, despite the fact he tends to be something of a loose cannon—-no pun intended--with a temper and actual cannons to back him up. He is fiercely loyal to a given cause. However, he tends to be standoffish and stubborn, going so far as to argue with Optimus before ultimately giving in. If he's not blowing something up, Ironhide isn't happy. That's just the way of things. While he does not give his trust away freely, especially in regards to humanity, once you’ve won it, he can be frighteningly devoted. He has a serious line as far as his mannerisms go--around fellow "grunts" and those he considers inferior, his speech is much more informal. But around superiors, he takes on a much more formal, soldier-like attitude. He does genuinely care about his fellow Autobots, but the Decepticons have a special place in hell, as far as he's concerned--he hates them as much as any living thing can hate another. He feels that any measures are necessary when it comes to defeating said Decepticons.

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