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22 - audio

[12 hours after being placed in the stocks, they open, and an Autobot-turned-human drags himself to his feet.]

[He leaves a message, when he gets back to his room:]

Need a medic. Nothing serious. Just dislike leaking all over the place.

[Nothing else.]

[He closes the book.]
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Where's your location?
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[And after telling Zhaneel to stay put, Kloe arrives at Ironhide's door and knocks.

Knockity knock knock.]
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[She opens the door and-- oh, ouch. Kloe kicks the door closed with her foot and sets her bag down on a table.]

Are you in severe pain?

[She's saving the good stuff for worse things.]
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[And so Kloe gets to work.

She checks over the area, gives it a quick clean to get rid of all the blood, rubs on a light suave and herbal solution to help soothe the pain, and applies the dressing and bandages. Jeez, it's been a while since she's done the doctor thing.]

I'll give you extra supplies. the dressing and bandages need to be replaced every few hours or once it starts to bleed through. If you need assistance or more supplies contact me, understand? And don't lie on your back at night.
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[Silence is perfectly fine in her book. She prefers that a lot more than complaining or excessive talking.

She leaves the extra supplies on the table and packs up the rest.]

Doctor Kloe Bishop.
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[Thanks for pointing that out.]

Yes. That one.
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[That's actually really refreshing. Kloe doesn't say anything for the next minute or two to finish cleaning up her workspace, but once she's done she pulls out a small jar filled with small golden squares and hands sort of sticks it in Ironhide's face.]

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[This is Kloe crossing her arms over her chest.]

It's honey candy. You eat it. It's for being a good patient.
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[There's nothing else from her end, either. Kloe picks up her bag, glances at his back one more time, and is out the door. Just like that.]
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I could help.
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Alright then, where are you?
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On my way.

[A few minutes later, there's a knock on the door.]
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[Jael opens the door, wincing at the sight of Ironhide. She sets her bag of medical supplies on the bed behind him, pulling out a few rolls of bandages.

She shuffles around so he can see her and lifts her arms up slightly, then holds up one of the rolls before she starts unraveling it a bit.]
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[Jael frowns slightly, but starts wrapping his back, pulling the bandages tight so they don't slip. She's quick, so it doesn't take long for her to wrap him up.

When she's done, she pats his shoulder gently and moves away from him a bit.]
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[Jael pulls her hand and steps away to write on her ever-present scrap paper.]

Sorry. I should probably come back in a day or two to check the bandages and make sure your wounds don't become infected.
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[Jael smiles and nods, writing a couple more sentences before she turns to leave.]

I'll see you soon, then. Let me know if you need anything else.