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21 - Audio

So. Staff. If you will not tell us of the dangers here, make yourselves useful and answer me something else.

High grade energon. You have any around here?

[There's a pause, and then Ironhide clumsily seals the the rest. Kevas said he should try and... be friends.]

[Well. Here goes nothing.]

You seen the lake yet?
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What's at the lake?

[ That should answer that question. ]
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[ Someone is not fond of nature and would be content to be inside forever. ]

I'm sure there's some kind of enlightening reason. Let's go.
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audio. --> action?

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Yes, see you at the rendezvous point.

[ Then off he goes off he goes on foot. It'll take him a little bit to get there. There's a decent bit about he Keep he hasn't seen, really, even if he's aware of the whereabouts now. He just simply is a mech that would rather busy himself inside rather on the field. Always has been. ]
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[ Let it be known, Ratchet hates nature. He especially hates it when everything is blooming and sporing everywhere and he's got a nice dusting of yellow on his shiny white plating by the time he gets to the lake. He grunts, wiping off smears of it, but pollen on cars is a stubborn thing.

He puts his hands on his hips, taking a moment to regard Ironhide, the lake, and the cubes. ]

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NO U action

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[ Ratchet is an old bot himself. He knows stiff joints and all the havoc age plays on a mech quite personality. Even so, he can't help but wince slightly at all the noise. His fingers twitch. ]

Apology for what?

[ He takes the cube, but scrutinizes it for a moment. It's not like he thought Ironhide poisoned it or anything, but mainly he wasn't sure what he had done to deserve the 'nice spot, apology, and fuel' treatment. ]
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[ Ironhide isn't really reassuring him with all the noise his body is making. He's a medic, he can't help worrying over others, even if he barely knows them. ]

I'm an Autobot. [ He looks back to the cube. ] If I couldn't handle bad news, I would have ceased to function long ago.
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[ He might as well refuel. Primus knows that he rarely keeps his tanks filled. Still, Ratchet just stares at the cube in hand. ]

Yes, well.

[ He grunts. ]

Apology accepted. No sense in dwelling on it.
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[ Ratchet quirks an optic ridge at Ironhide and then shakes his head. ]


[ He makes a 'hurpmh' sound. ]

When's the last time you had any proper maintenance?
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Hn. Our numbers are too few to hold grudges over something so small.

[ He waves it off with a hand, then finally starts working on that cube. ]

That's way too long. I'm a medic. Give me something to do with my hands.

[ He emphasizes this with clutching the air with his free hand. ]
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[ This is the most skeptical and disappointed look that Ratchet can possibly give him, above if Ironhide had really done something damaging. ]

'Well enough'? You call this well enough?

[ He makes a pointed poke towards one of the scars in his plating. ]
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[ Well, he certainly thinks you're a fool at least, Ironhide. ]

By the AllSpark, a soldier with a doctor phobia.

[ He pinches the bit of armor in the middle of his face, shaking his helm as if fighting off a headache. ]

I might seem forgiving now, but end up on my table and you won't be given such nice treatment.