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19th - Audio

... Anyone else suddenly get a bad feeling?

As if something horrible has happened, and you have no power to set it right again?

[He has no idea where this feeling is coming from, or why it's there, but ignoring it isn't exactly helping anything.]

[It just makes him feel more and more restless.]

Need to go hit something. Badly.
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I've been feeling that off and on since I got here, actually.

[He's just trying not to dwell on it.]

If you want something to hit that can withstand a few punches but won't get you punished, I can probably manage that.
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[Bobby smiles at that.]

Hey, I'm a lot tougher than I look.

[He pauses, then the next bit is said quickly.]

But, uh, no, I wasn't talking about me. I could make some walls, or something, maybe some sculptures.
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Technically, yes.

[But only because his ice form is organic ice. Not that Bobby's really looking to be punched by something huge and made of metal.]

Yeah, ice walls. I can make them pretty easy, even here.
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I feel that way all the time.
Being here just makes it worse.

I hear the outside walls are unbreakable, so you can just keep punching those until you break your fists or something.

*Hitting people is better but...*
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I can tell it'd take more than a few hundred hits to do anything to you.
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What happened?
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[Audio] \o/

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Well, can you follow it?
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If there's somewhere you feel like you should be... Go there.

You might find out what's happened.

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Maybe... I can help


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[Oh, Ironhide.]

N-Not... n-not right now, b-but... but... I-I know, what-- you mean.

I-I just--

I-I'm so... t-tired, of not being a-able to... do a-anything.
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[Xanth breathes in and then lets out a long sigh, sealing up the entry as he does. This isn't something everyone should hear.]


D-Do you remember, b-back-- like-- i-it was like a-a month ago... w-when a whole b-bunch of people showed up? A-And, the, th-the next day, th-they were... g-gone?
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I-I saw... K-- Kairi. From, y-you know, the-- f-from... the-- Sh-Shore.

[The words don't come easily. He hasn't spoken about this to anyone yet, and part of him wants to, but part of him wants to forget the whole day.

There is a period of silence, but then, Xanth continues.]

Only, I, I-I think... sh-she was from-- a-a lot... a-a lot farther ahead, th-than... than w-we are...
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[Xanth recognizes those names, but the only thing that strikes sadness into him is the way Ironhide says them. They were people he knew. People he missed.

But how to explain this...?]

She-- sh-she was-- from th-the Golden Shore. B-But, not-- n-not... wh-when we were from. I-I think... I-I think she'd-- b-been there-- months.

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