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15th Transmission - Audio

Melee tournament, huh?

[He sounds so unimpressed... but...]

Then I will be entering this tournament.

[His voice has a tone of 'whether you like it or not', despite the fact he doesn't come out and say it.]

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[Zandali + Translated Text]

You sure you want to do that? might end up breaking something else.

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Because you're a stubborn old mon?

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So good to know I have your permission.

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I don't know. I think it's pretty fun myself.

[Come on big guy lighten up some.]

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Hey now big mon that's no way to treat a friend.

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No wonder you're so eager to step on someone then.

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You're a giant and you're made of metal. I doubt it'll feel much different.

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Guess that's one way to work out your problems.
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[No, there would obviously be no use to attempt to dissuade him. Jetfire just sort of vents quietly and shakes his helm.]

If you need to test your capabilities from your current situation, I might be able to help.

[Since they were of an equal size etc etc etc, and if it was supposed to be even remotely friendly, better not throw Starscream anywhere near this.]
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I would assume an opponent of equal size and strength might be more useful than just hitting a tree, unless, of course, you're simply going to see how well you can shoot with... your situation being what it is, presently.

[Look, Ironhide, he can fight. He just prefers not to! Not that they'd be doing anything serious, but...]
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[Are you insulting him potential battle skills, Ironhide? :|]

We could always test that, if you'd be interested.

[Jetfire quiets, and then frowns; he can't look over Ironhide here considering it's audio, and whatever else, but his tone next implies nothing else but matter-of-fact.]

Recoil, Ironhide. While I have no idea what your cannons can do here, if there's still appreciable recoil, how long would you remain standing?
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I... apologize. And, no, it wasn't my intent to imply that, but it might nonetheless be an issue, considering, as I've understood things, weapons or similar things might be changed in property.

[While he is genuinely sorry, Jetfire's not going to be scared off by that growl, either.]
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[Jetfire nods; he hadn't really thought otherwise, but thought it better to check, nonetheless.]

The offer stands either way, Ironhide.

[There's a brief silence before Jetfire shakes his helm.]

It might, admittedly, even be a good idea for myself. Being this much shorter is... different.
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[Everything needs to be capable of handling change, Ironhide.]

Undoubtedly. I should probably have made an effort earlier, but this has frankly... not been something I wanted to deal with, beyond the immediate relcalibrations and relations to handle my surroundings.
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[:| Yes.]

Considering the extreme differences between my present height and my actual one, it's inevitable that I would notice it. I have, however, not made any greater efforts to actually make sure there are no more problems on a basic frame/processor level that changing size could imply for interacting with the surrounding environments.

[So he's not perfect. :| He can be stubborn about some things, too!

Jetfire merely sounds matter of fact as he recounts what he has... and hasn't done about the size change issue, neatly hiding his actual annoyance with this whole thing.]
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... Because it's frankly been a bit hard to accept. Obviously, it's technically a simple thing among all the other facts presented here, but this is one that affects me more personally than any of the others.

[He... wasn't just used to his height, he liked it that way, thank you very much, universe.]

Well. In either case, would you be willing to help?

[Since that will also help Ironhide, most probably.]
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I would hope this will not go on for years, even if your experience in the matter points towards it.

[He's grateful for the additional data, really, but he'd rather prefer to cut this experiment short.]

Thank you. When would be suitable?
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Nothing, in a real, technical, and statistical manner, but I have spent enough time frozen I would prefer to be able to spend the rest of my time as much as and how I please that it's possible to.

And with my correct height and in my own frame.

[Ironhide's not the only one who's "old", even if Jetfire's hardly unique about it in his universe.]

Before or after the tournament then, as time permits.