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12th Transmission -- Audio

[Oh hey Keep. It's Ironhide again. And boy does he sound unhappy.]

Tell me, lord.

[There is so much derision in that word, it should be a curse, not a title.]

Where are those who go missing? Do you send them home, to their "vanished worlds"? Or are you keeping them locked up!

[Something big and heavy impacts a wall.]

Answer me!

[... Finding Lea missing isn't sitting well with the big old bot.]


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I'm sorry, I know I'm not the one you're trying to contact, but—

[It's a young voice, female, and with a rasping, mechanical overtone.]



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Just like that? No warning signs, nothing left behind?

[It's familiar to Tali too, and not in a good way. But pinning this on Collectors would be a pretty long stretch.]

...what do you meant by 'like before?'


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[He talks like a krogan, all action and accusation, gruff tone, but with a metallic edge. It's familiar enough, but if Tali knew she was talking t a machine...]

Another place, like this...

[But a ship, not...what ever you'd call this place. A patch of land with nothing to do with anything, and nowhere to escape from or to.]

Thank you. And I'm sorry, for whatever you've lost. Keela Se'lai.

[It's soft, and she reaches to cut off the transmission, close the record, but hesitates and silently leaves the line open. He might have something else to say, or not, but the quiet umbilical of sound can be comforting, she knows.]
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[For a minute or two, Xanth just stares at this post, his heart heavy. When his question does come, it's spoken softly.]

Wh... who's-- who's gone?
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[Yeah, Xanth cringes a little at that tone, even though he knows it's not his fault and he knows Ironhide knows that. It just never feels good to be on the other end of an angry Ironhide, no matter who you are.]

I--I-I'm... I'm sorry.

[Xanth never knew the boy, doesn't even recognize the name, but that doesn't change that this was a guest who's vanished into thin air.]
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I-- I-I know.


S-- Still.

[Xanth can't talk him down, not like Ratchet did. He doesn't know how. Even if he did know, he's not even sure he'd be able to. Ironhide's irritation, directed at him or not, really shuts down any desire to argue.]
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I-- I-I know. I-I don't like it.

[Granted, he didn't like Redd's way, either, but this complete silence from Deior is weird.]

H-He should-- say something. O-Or-- one of the-- the staff...
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M--Maybe. O-Or maybe-- maybe they-- don't care.

[He's heard posts from some of the staff, though. Some of them, at least, seemed like better people than the crew on the Elegante...]
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[Even though Ironhide's not shouting in person, the effect is the same. Xanth wants to shrink down into the floor and hide.]

S-S-- S--- Sorry.

[His reply, short as it is, is delayed.]
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N-No, it, I-- I-I shouldn't have-- mm.

[It was a shitty thing to say, when Ironhide just lost someone he cares about.]

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O-- o-okay.

[He bites back another apology. Ironhide might not even consider it his fault, but he was still rubbing salt in the wound and that was just cruel.

That feeling when you've said something wrong, a verbal misstep, and everything that comes out of your mouth is just as wrong? Yeah, he's got it.]

M-Maybe-- m-maybe s-someone'll-- s-say something. I-- I-I don't know.
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Y-Yeah, [he replies, and then his tone goes bitter.] Y-Yeah, they-- th-they do.
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[Now this has him frowning at his journal for an entirely different reason.]

N-No, I... I-I was-- I was only there r-right when the-- J-Jennifer, the, th-the ghost girl, r-right when she... y-you know.

[Right when she got out and rampaged. He was even there when it happened, though he has no scars to prove it.]

Th-there-- there was a-- a m-mutiny?
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[It's obvious what Ironhide means, but to say it over the journals? They were called records for a reason.]

Wh-- wh-where-- where are you?
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Sh-should-- sh-should you really-- o-on the, th-the journals...

W-What if someone h... hears?
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D-Don't-- don't you think i-it'd be... better i-if they-- they didn't?
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[He sighs. He's in no mood to argue.]

B-- B-Be careful?
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B-But-- you-- y-you still...

[You still die, Ironhide.]

A-And what if-- w-what if i-it's like on th-the... E-Elegante? It... it wasn't f-free passes for-- forever...
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B-But the-- th-the rules are... th-they're different, h-here. W-When you die, y-you-- you lose your m-memories.

F-For a while, a-at--- at least.

[But he hasn't met anyone who's died three times or more...]
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But-- we-- w-we don't know f-for sure. A-All I'm saying is, wh-- w-why-- why p-push it?
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B-Because-- we--

[But Xanth breaks off. Ironhide has a point; someone should figure this out eventually. Xanth just wishes Ironhide didn't sound so damn determined to find out at his own expense.]

... I-- I don't know. I-It just-- i-it sounds... r-really d--dangerous.
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O-One more risk... it m-might be-- th-the risk, th-the... the last risk, y-you know?

[But he's lost the argumentative tone, and it's not coming back.]
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I-- I'm f-fine, I'm just--

A-Are you?
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[Xanth knows that's a lie. Even if he didn't know Ironhide, he'd need only to look at Ironhide's initial post to tell.

But he lets it go.]


[He lets it go, because that's all he can do.]