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7th Transmission - Audio

I want a status report! Infected, well, whatever, sound off.

Xanth, Zuko. Tell me you are unharmed.

Some illness will not affect me. I will protect anyone who requires it.

[With or without a response, the big Autobot is going zombie stomping, looking for his kids.]
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I-I'm here, I-I'm, I'm fine.

[A little shaken up - he's heard sounds of battle - but fine.]

I'm-- n-not in th-the barracks, but, I-I'm-- fine.
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Th-the-- library. I'm with K--Kairi.
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[Inside the library, Xanth waits near the entrance, mace in hand. The weight of a blunt weapon in hand is both familiar and comforting.

With his back to a shelf, Xanth watches the doors and listens.]
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[Xanth pushes the door open, then breaks out into a smile of relief. He's sure Ironhide can't get sick, but there is still danger. Ironhide provides familiarity and comfort that the weight of a weapon just can't.

Xanth pushes open the other door to make room for Ironhide to come in.]
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[And once Ironhide's inside, Xanth pulls the doors closed. They shut with a resounding thud, and then silence falls.

Xanth looks up to Ironhide, his smile fading into a concerned frown.]

D-Did you-- h-have any trouble get--g-getting here?
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[Xanth lets out a sigh of relief. He pushes his bangs back, then tucks them behind his ear.]


[He glances to the stairway, and then back up to Ironhide.]

K--Kairi and I, we've-- w-we've been here a... a c-couple of d-days now. She's up i-in-- o-one of the s-studies now. She's-- sh-she's fine, too.
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[There's not much room on Xanth's shoulder for Ironhide's hand, but Xanth appreciates it all the same.

He scratches his cheek thoughtfully.]

U-Um. Well-- we-- w-we could use s-some more food. And-- water. W-We... we're... r-running kind of l--low.

[The opportunity to carry enough supplies to last them for days was nonexistent. They grabbed what they could, but it wasn't much.]
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[For a moment, Xanth just looks at the hand, confused -

but then it clicks.

With a flash of a smile and without a second thought, Xanth climbs onto Ironhide's hand.]
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[Xanth settles down quickly and holds himself steady. He has to duck when Ironhide passes through the library doors, but that's alright. He remains secure.

Ironhide's shoulder may not be the most stable perch, but Xanth has never felt safer.]
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[Silently, Xanth thinks of the supplies they'll need. Anything as preserved as possible; plenty of water; utensils for the sake of cleanliness...

But how much would they need? Enough for a few days, surely, but what if this was the new normal? What if people kept dying and returning and infecting each other until the end of time?

That was a terrifying thought. Xanth swallows, apprehensive.]

D-Do you-- do you think... th-this will last?
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Th-then we-- we should-- f-find something f-for you, too.

[Because he hopes, hopes, hopes Ironhide will stay with them until this is all over.]
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[Xanth frowns - even machines needed food - but he makes no argument.]


[He would search for fuel if he knew what to look for. The word energon springs to mind, but he's not even sure what that looks like.]
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[Probably not, but he doesn't realize that.

When they reach the entrance to the Great Keep, Xanth just waits for Ironhide to deem the area clear and let Xanth down. No use trying to jump from this high - he'd only hurt himself.]
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[Every sense on edge, Xanth readies his weapon and pushes the door to the Keep open. Before he enters, he looks and he listens.

Nothing yet.

Xanth hurries inside. The kitchen is very close from here.]
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[It's just a few strides down the hall before Xanth reaches the kitchen door. He listens, hears nothing, and then peeks inside.

The kitchen is empty.

Pushing the door open now, Xanth goes for the dry goods and things in jars. Anything that will keep for more than a couple of days is high on his list. He makes a point to glance in the refrigerator, but aside from a couple of loaves of bread, anything in there would go bad too quickly to take.

There wasn't a great amount left, but there was enough for Xanth to amass a good supply. Preserves, bread, some pickles, a little dried meat - definitely enough to last a few days. But water is also a concern.

He goes for empty jars and fills them with the cold boiled water from the stove. Xanth would prefer canteens of some sort, something less prone to breaking, but they must make do. The same can be said for the amount; there isn't very much. Thankfully, the hot springs are next to the library - they could make more water runs there.]

I--Ironhide, I, I-I've got-- wh-what I can.
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[And Xanth does. It takes him a few trips to load everything into Ironhide's bed, but he does it quickly. Then, with only a moment of hesitation, Xanth climbs into Ironhide's cab. It's cramped, but that's okay - Xanth can curl up small enough.]

O--Okay. I'm-- I-I'm ready.
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[Xanth sees Ironhide's missing seat and remembers. He touches the remaining fibers, still torn and frayed from his frantic cuts, and feels a pang of guilt. But he had to do it; it had been an order. Orders from Ironhide are not to be disobeyed.

(And if he hadn't taken it, he very well may not have made it to the Shore.)

Unless Ironhide tries to start conversation, Xanth will remain quiet until they reach the library.]
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[At that, Xanth looks up. It gets him to smile, though it's a slightly sad one.]


[Scars are just scars. Xanth has plenty, and he knows Ironhide does, too. But it feels different knowing that he is the one who made this one.]
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[Xanth's smile widens.]

Y...Yeah. We-- w-we got-- through that. W-We can do-- a-anything.
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Yeah. I-I... I do.

[The Elegante couldn't kill either of them, and after all that, what's one little zombie plague?]